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Dermatitis awareness

Dermatitis affects thousands of workers every year in the UK and yet is rarely monitored by companies.  Occupational dermatitis can be caused or made worse by chemicals and products used in your business.  Business such as construction, hair dressing, cleaning and gardeners are just a few company types that are likely to use such chemicals that could affect the skin of the user.


Businesses have a duty of care for their employees to protect them from harm.  Most companies provide PPE to help protect their employees from chemicals, paints, fluids, poisons, bleach etc.  How does the business know if the PPE is working and suitable?


By Implementing a dermatitis monitoring system you can ensure that you are doing everything possible to keep them safe.  All documentation and images need to recorded and kept on file to prove compliance with the HSE.


We can provide your H&S team or those responsible with suitable training to monitor, spot and advise workers on the Dermatitis and skin conditions.  Or we can provide the monitoring service for you to ensure your staff are as safe as possible and provide your business with a piece of mind and suitable evidence.

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Occupational lung disease

Part of our health monitoring service, we perform 6 monthly lung tests and surveys to monitor any changes in your employees health.  Unfortunately lung disorders can go un-noticed or can be ignored due to other on going complaints, such as colds, flu, medication, poor weather, polluted towns etc.

We will monitor employees results and report back to the company.  On going monitoring will show an drop in capacity and our survey will monitor changes in mood, ability etc.  Linked with our Dermatitis monitoring and our competency service, you have the perfect health and safety company to work with to ensure your employees are as safe as possible and your company and directors are safe from exposure to risks and possible fines or imprisonment.

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